PVC Self Adhesive Vinyl

PVC Self Adhesive Vinyl

PVC self adhesive vinyl is one of those things that really does what it says on the tin. It can be stuck to almost anything and can be printed on in a variety of ways.

It is manufactured by casting or calendaring. It’s ideal for solvent, eco-solvent and latex printing.


PVC self adhesive vinyl can be printed with a wide range of designs and colours for use in advertising or creating certain types of decorative accessories. Generally it is made up of a thin flexible layer of PVC known as the face film which is coated on the reverse with the adhesive and backed up with a smooth, silicon coated paper know as the release liner to allow for easy removal.

The face film is usually a calendered polymeric PVC which has been ‘calendered’ to give it a very flat surface, however the material can be cast instead for more specialised applications. It also is available in a variety of thicknesses to suit the application, some being very thin and others quite thick. In addition the material is often enhanced with’masterbatches’ which are colour additives to improve the quality of the print.

Polyester fabric vinyl has a number of desirable properties including being very dimensionally stable, colour fast, very durable and having an excellent soft texture. It is ideal for murals and decals and works well with solvent, eco-solvent and latex inks.

It can be supplied either permanent or removable and can be applied to most surfaces, even some curved ones. It can be used to create large display posters and banners, to make stickers and decals for home decoration or for wrapping cars and other vehicles to display corporate branding. Removable vinyl can be removed cleanly within a specified time frame and will not damage paintwork or leave residue on the surface it is attached to.

UV Stable

PVC self adhesive vinyl is a durable material that can be used to create eye-catching graphics for business or personal use. It’s ideal for full colour digital printing and can be laminated to protect from damage. It’s also flexible enough to be stretched around curves for car wraps and is resistant to UV rays. This type of vinyl is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

It’s worth bearing in mind that not all vinyl is created equal and technical features such as the adhesives, liners and the actual PVC will have a big privacy window film impact on price, ease of use and longevity. Often bargain vinyls are low quality products that rely on cheap glues and liners to keep their prices low.

Using high quality materials such as DERFLEX PE 65 micron and DERFLEX Comply can make a big difference in the durability of your printed vinyl graphics. These films have a polypropylene coating and are optimised for use with both UV and Latex wide format printers. They are very thin (only 0.08mm) and PVC self adhesive vinyl have a silicone release liner with an embossed mesh that creates channels for air to escape during the installation process. This technology makes for a bubble free finish that will last for longer than conventional short-term vinyls.

High Adhesive Strength

This is one of those products that genuinely does what it says on the tin. It is highly durable and can withstand high temperatures so it’s ideal for creating signage for your home or business as well as making stickers to decorate items like mugs, t-shirts and bags or to create wall art.

The vinyl is made from polymer and methacrylic (not that kind of meth) which both take ink beautifully so it can be printed with full colour graphics. It’s also resistant to moisture and fading so it can be used indoor or outdoor.

It can be used to decorate a wide variety of surfaces, including glass and acrylics and sealed woods. It can even be applied to most smooth ceramic tiles although it’s recommended that you test a small area first as some tiles can have low surface energy and the vinyl can curl up or fall off. It can also be used to add graphics to wheelie bins and other waste containers but again, it’s recommended that you choose a product with an adhesive specifically designed for this type of substrate to ensure good adhesion and longevity.

Self-adhesive vinyl is essentially made from a thin flexible layer of PVC known as the face film which is coated on the reverse with an adhesive and backed with a smooth silicon coated paper known as the release liner to allow it to be easily removed without damaging the vinyl or the surface underneath. The release liner can vary in texture or composition to improve lay-flat properties for precise vinyl cutting, provide improved adhesive performance or make it more environmentally friendly.

Easy to Apply

Applying PVC self adhesive vinyl is a quick and easy process. The first thing to do is to clean the surface where the vinyl will be applied. This can be done with a damp cloth or denatured alcohol.

Next you need to remove the paper backing on a small section and then fold it back on itself. This is a crucial step because if you try to peel it off completely, it will stick to itself or even your hands! Then you can start applying it to the surface. Again, the key is to do it slowly and gently with a squeegee. If you rub too hard or fast, you will end up with bubbles or creases that are really hard to get rid of afterwards.

Finally, you need to make sure that there is no moisture left on the substrate. If there is, it can create bubbles in the vinyl and the adhesive layer. This is especially important for outdoor applications where the vinyl will be exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Some premium wrapping films use a special technology called air egress to prevent this from happening. This is a texture in the adhesive that creates a grid and allows any trapped air to escape as you rub the vinyl down. This helps to create a smooth, picture perfect finish.

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